Scalatest and type-safe equality

In Scalatest when using matchers you have many ways to test for equality, but only one of those is type-safe - should ===() So, if you have a function returning Int, like def f(i: Int): Int = i then the only type-safe way to test it is to use should ===() syntax, like f(5) should ===(5) »

curl based "package manager"

If you are an engineer who uses scala repl and sbt a lot like I do, chances are you probably use Ammonite and sbt-extras. If you don't, then you should really consider it. But this is not the point of the post. The point is that those tools (and many others of same kind) are »

git remote: make it easy

Recently I was installing new version of Linux Mint, my preferred Linux distro, and dragged some handy aliases I use from my old .bashrc. One of my recent additions was the one I called gitr from git remote. I work in a team, and from time to time I find myself in a need to »

Scalatest, Maven and Missing Tests

As you may know ScalaTest provides a JUnitRunner and you can perfectly run your scala tests as if they are regular junit tests. In particular, you can run them from maven, using surefire plugin. Why would you do this? In case you have a mixed Java/Scala project with tests written using junit as well »